Healing for the Body, Heart and Mind and Soul.



Craniosacral Unwinding

Sensory Repatterning






Conscious BreathWork

Breath of Love



Stone Somerled


We are now in a time and place where a new understanding of healing, mental health and human potential are becoming a reality.  We are undergoing a deep transformational shift.  The integration of scientific thought and spirituality is critical in this new era.  The paradigms of our current culture are crumbling and in their wake A new connection the sacred is being born.  Human consciousness is expanding and the need to heal from the old ways of thinking has become a necessity.  Limitation and living in a false consciousness based in lack, need, victim and competition are being replaced with the truths of abundance, co-creation and collaboration.  The great beauty of these changes is being experienced in the daily lives of those who open up to the mere possibility of them.  Opening to the world to “Operate Without Limitation”.  The only barriers to unlimited potential are the limits we place on ourselves.  Imagine a future where the way we want to live our lives can be easily achieved.  The inner critic that says this is too hard can be silenced, or at the very least, acknowledged for what it is.  A tiny voice of fear that only has the power that we give it. Imagine a way to release these limitations that is deep, powerful and permanent.  It is already within you.  It is your breath. Breathe and Be Free Inspired  In-Spirit

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