Breath and Body Work

Posted July 15, 2014 By Stone

Somatic: from the Greek meaning “of the body”, traditionally seen as separate from the self because in the western world we like to put everything into a tidy little box and act as though it is a “thing” if we can classify it. I rather like the views of Dr. Peter Levine on Somatic Experiencing. We humans forget that emotional energy when left unprocessed, becomes stuck in our Somatic System. This stuck energy manifests itself as discomfort, stress and dis-ease. It is necessary, and this cannot be emphasized enough, to find a way to process these emotional energies.

interestingly enough I note that many of the techniques used in this methodology (Somatic Experiencing) are though not specifically identified by any particular terminology are core processes used in Breath of Love. The core portion of the Breath of Love experience is allowing yourself to surrender to experiencing whatever comes, be it physical sensation or emotions. By staying with the breath and allowing yourself to have the experience you are able to efficiently process the stuck energy. Emotions are merely an energy in motion, by allowing yourself to feel those energies can flow.

You can trust and allow yourself to really feel. So many people hide behind masks, afraid that really feeling, really being an emotional being will make themselves too vulnerable, weak in the eyes of the world. This is the great lie we are told. Being real to yourself is the most powerful and freeing way a human being can live. Feelings are simply being with your truest self in the moment.

It's time to get real. Frankly it is the juiciest most freeing way to be.




Posted July 15, 2014 By Stone

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Posted January 3, 2013 By Stone

The new year has arrived, no three days of darkness or comets, California is still firmly attached to Nevada.  Do you feel any different?  I actually do.  I feel more connected within myself.  Grounded in a way that is new to me.  Knowing what I want more and more.  The really important things are standing out and the ones that aren’t, well if they haven’t fallen off by their own weight, they’ll come out in the wash.  Finished working a period as an independent contractor for a rehabilitation center and it was a really delightful experience.  For some of the people who I had the opportunity to serve, to see the light inside turn on was such a blessing, for others it was too much, as though trying to bloom a flower by peeling it open.  I honor them just as much for each experience has been MY teacher.  The Breathing Circle L.A. is still a happening and I will be leading Breathwork seminars at IPSB in Culver City Dates to be posted soon.  For those interested in private sessions please peruse the Menu of Services page for pricing.  Blessings


Promises Promises

Posted September 19, 2012 By Stone

I suppose I’m not the only person out there who has spent a lot of money and time investing in my personal growth and healing.  I’ve been to some amazing events, done some amazing deep work during retreats.  Some of the stuff I learned really stuck, some of it felt good at the time and upon my return to the day to day of living life the juicy bliss faded.  So the question pops up, how do I get this stuff to stick?

It seems there are a lot of teachers out there, and they make a lot of pretty grand statements about the next latest and greatest paradigm, some new method, some ancient downloaded secret, a new set of tools for your toolbox.  I have no doubt all of them have something valuable to share and so which one?  Who is the best teacher for you?  Well beloveds, soul brothers and sisters, here is the BIG SECRET!…

Are you ready for it?


All right you say, if that is so why doesn’t this stuff stick?  That is the best question you can ask, and you have to ask it every day.  Then take a long look inside to see.  Do you find there’s still old stuff bubbling up?  Great!  Are you wondering what to do about it?  Even better.

Let’s start off with this, I don’t claim to hold any magic secrets.  What I do know is that Breathwork is something that really works.  I know because it works for me.  Conscious Connected breath, as in Breath of Love is an exciting method of healing.  I have dedicated my life to this practice.  If you are looking for a better way to live, a real change in being, do it from the inside out.  Breathe with me!