“I feel so awesome since our last session. I know I can Be, Do, and Have whatever I desire. I wake up each morning actually excited by the day. I am excited about my new life”

Jovaunda – Attorney – New Jersey

“You’ve shown me a new way to live. Loving myself and standing on my own, not trapped in a victim mentality. I’m in control of my life and in love with my future

Kayla – Artist/Herbalist/Raw Food Coach – Modesto

Thank you so much! I’m sure the work with you prepped me to better handle any crisis. I’ve been calm and clear headed — where my reaction before your breath work would have been full of high anxiety and lack of focus. So I’m grateful. :)

Leslie – Advertising Executive

“The STRUGGLE to accomplish and HAVE has left me. I TRUST that I am divinely guided. I feel a joy which based purely on Divine Love streaming into me. I see the blessings all around as people and events.

This is my state of being following my 11 sessions of breath work.

I know the Breath work is the key to my KNOWING and TRUSTING in the divine flowing into and through me and loving me.

Thank you, Stone, for your impeccable ‘holding of sacred space’ and facilitation.”

Raven  – Expressive Arts Practitioner, Tantrika